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What to do if you find a litter of kittens...



Look for the momma cat.

She is probably nearby.



Leave the kittens alone. Momma will take care of them. Remember: One Momma cat equals 4-human caregivers.



Check back and look to see if Momma has returned. If not, please contact your local SPCA.

"I just can't leave these kittens alone!"

It seems Counter-intuitive...


KIT'N NAP'N starts with the best intentions. Someone comes across a litter of kittens and the cat Momma is nowhere to be found.  The finder scoops the kittens away to be rescued and cared for at the local Animal Shelter. . This is the problem. 

Most likely, the cat Momma is nearby, she's just hunting for food and has not abandoned her litter.

Cat Moms can efficiently care for and feed a litter of kittens.  Kittens have very specific needs. It takes 24-hours of attention from a team of humans to do the same job that just ONE MOMMA CAT can do alone. 

Look, Leave, Check.

If Momma cat has not returned within 24-hours, please contact your local SPCA.


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In 2018, The SPCA Cincinnati cared for 800+ Bottle Babies and 2400+ kittens. That amount of care and kindness costs our shelter time and money. Please consider volunteering (in kennel or foster) and by donating.

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Another great opportunity for you, is to contribute to our Baby Shower.  "Bottle Babies" require special items not regularly used by older cats. Please consider purchasing items specifically used for these fragile special-needs pets.

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